Bespoke Software Solutions for the Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Operational Environment

We provide practical innovation to people’s experience in the design, construction and management of the Built Environment.


We work closely with our partners and clients, who continue to work with us based on our promise, our innovative approach and ability to deliver with exceeding expectations. 

  • Technical Advisory.
  • Planning & Road map Development.
  • Software Stack Selection.
  • Digital Implementation.
  • Large Project Digital Workflow Management.

Software Engineering

We bring together our industry knowledge in the built environment and combine our software engineering knowledge to help the built environment with the following: 

  • Computer Aided Computing, Building Information Modelling &  Geographic Information Systems Customization.
  • Facility Management Integration Solutions.
  • Model Validation & Management.
  • Amazon/Microsoft Cloud Integrations.

Data Engineering

The Built Environment is more and more maturing in the further uses of data, some of the largest gaps where we can help our clients are as follows: 

  • Data Capture.
  • Data Processing.
  • Data Pipelines & Platform.
  • Data Storage.

Design Science

With future uptake of automation across the built environment. We help established data pipelines & capturing solutions to help our clients with developing the following solutions.

  • Design Automation.
  • Generative Design.
  • Computational Design.
  • Visual Programming.
  • Machine Learning.